Sunday, February 15

Weird Ass Dream

so being that i just woke up and its noon; the first time i've slept til noon in months, i thought i'd share a messed up dream i had last night.

it all started with me and the family watching America's Most Wanted. they were doing a profile on my old boss Tom which seems completely normal in my dream. anyway, they were filming a stretch of highway with a little cross in the median which i later learned Tom's wife died at. while filming there.... Tom shows up. it seems like he was sitting and crying at the cross before he hi-jacked a car and tryed to take off. instantly swarmed by cops but it looked like he was going to get away.... until a van hit his car.

this is where it gets nuts. some how i end up in a car, with tom, as he was fleeing to Canada. dude is all over the highway trying to get us to Canada. tell me how his wife died and that she cheated on him with his brother Pat before she died. also tells me if it was the state tropper's chasing us, they shoot us in the head with shotguns.

anyway, we end up at this tiny little motel/strip club in Canada called the something plazza.... i can't read in my dreams. there are a bunch of old people and some dime peice strippers.... also my current boss from my new job was there.... not sure if she was a stripper though. Tom told me we could get our dicks sucked off for a dollar here, i asked him if that was canadian or american money, he said canadian i said damnit. i then took a piss for what seemed like 3 hours and there was a shower running in the the public bathroom.

throughout the dream Tom had a taxi driver esche mohawk

steve the goalie

- Benny Drama Lava

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