Saturday, February 14

Goin in

its been a while since i've gotten on some good new shit. i have fallen off but thanks to the likes of pete rosenberg, cipha sounds and the internets, i bring to you some of my current favorites

Jay has always been hot to me (no homo). he has put out some of the most memorable records and worked with every ill producer out there; from kanye and pharell to diddy, timbo, blaze, dre and the best producer to ever bless the boards: primo. though kingdom come and a few of his other most recent things were a bit on the weak side he still goes hard.... even for a camel faced 40 year old (always a hater). just got that stone cold swag. remember when 50 was talkin all types of crazy shit about how his album was gonna shit on kanye's? jay just comes out on BET and tells him to "bet a million". no one likes 50 or BET though

some more youtube new shit, cause i don't know how to put audio on this shit

another ill primo produced record (there will be a primo post in the furture, fear not).

WALE!!!!!!! been on his shit since young joe tett told me bout that 100 miles and runnin a couple summers back. and yes, i did introduce royal to him at durango's ravines crip many ages ago but he slept on him for a quick minute. its all good though, the man is all bout WALE!!!!! now. and brother ali more than held his own on this one, hot fire a rum pum pum

bang! thats all you get for now

the kid might be back... why am i wathcin old people fuck on tv?

- Benny Drama Lava

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