Friday, December 19

I'd Lose My Shit if this Happened

that is bonkers. when I was younger I always wanted to be on the Price is Right. my career goals were winning shit and not getting a job.... too bad they still are.

some Price is Right facts:
- Bob Barker is a pimp
- Drew Carey is not Bob Barker
- Bob Barker doesn't age, he just stays old
- Bob Barker smashed the showcase hunnies
- Many showcase hunnies are in fact playboy models (Heather Kozar, Dian Parkinson, Cindy Margolis... whatup)
- Drew Carey was funny once, now he can die

overall, I think that old dude winning both showcases is some bullshit. either the man did his research or is in fact from the future or they told him what to bid before hand or changed the price to match because the show is garbage now that Bob is gone and they need to boost the ratings.

I still watch it when I can