Friday, November 28

Chuck Ain't Got Shit on Bruce

this shit is ill

these nokia commercials are kinda funny style

ya boy Yevgeniy used to do Kung Fu when he was younger, right before I found lacrosse and converted. there might be a video of me and young christ having a kung fu battle back from high school somewhere. el capitan may have it in the archives, be on the look out

also, Bruce loves candy

Wednesday, November 26


moments like these remind me why I've been exclusivly rockin Adidas on my feets since high school.... well at least almost exclusivly (nike cleats and some aldo dress shoes... got to)

I want to be at that party for reals
new years resolution 09... only rock adidas

Saturday, November 22

The Next Level

I posted this a long ass time ago during the lympics I think, this version is more sweet. still pretty old

nike futbol commercials stay winning, this is a fact.
nike commercials in general


in this day in age it’s very rare to see someone play a sport with all their heart. paychecks and endorsements have gotten in the way of what really matters. sometimes I wonder if a pro's past self, perhaps their high school or even college self would be able to go to the future and visit themselves. I bet there would be a lot of ass kicking reality checks. it’s ridiculous how anyone can get paid soo much for doing something they should be willing to do for free. not hatin, professional athletes are in fact gods to some and almost every young boy wants to become one when they grow up. but sometimes it is a damn shame.

on another note, what would it actually take for futbol (soccer) to get big in the US? bringing in the biggest name in the game didn't work (twice). I figure anything the US isn't dominant in, they don't fuck with

Not Shittin at Work, Shittin on Work

man, today at work I was coolin, just doin my thang... which isn't much cause I hate working at the meat market (no homo). anyway, it was after lunch right, so you know theres a good chance of 2 in the forecast. so I feel like its about time, walk my happy ass to the front, get to the bathroom and its busy. at that point I was at threat level yellow so I wasn't worried about it. told myself I'll come back in a few minutes. no big deal. so about 10 or 15 go by, I decide to try again. walk to the front, same song. still not worried but in a moment of sheer "not-giving-a-fuck-ness" I decide to just leave work to take a 2. I go get my blue adidas track coat (Armenia what up?), don't tell anyone I'm leaving and drive home. do my thang, talk to the dog for a minute, drive back. its like 2:40 when I get back.... I worked til 3.

not men

in related news, my parents, brother and sister in law are still struggling to teach my nephew how to 2 in the toilet. they are failing. should just show him this

notice the universal sign for 2 at the end
also japan is nuts

Monday, November 17

Beginning of the End

AHHHHHH, What am I getting into right now? A creative way to not get anything accomplished?

we'll see what the future holds

things you may see in young blog:
Socrates’ philosophies and hypotheses
my philosophies about blocks and keys

also, not jackin Royal's format, just too lazy to fuck with the scheme yet ya dig?

I used to have a xanga..... no homo