Tuesday, February 17

The Shit.... No Toilet

Act like you don't know already. The masterminds behind your favorite blogs have joined forces to formulate the greatest blog on the innnanets. I will be poppin in from time to time to provide synopsises on music (seeing as I'm back in the game cause college is fuckin my life up), the Marvel Universe and the weekend's reduckery. Keep ya eyes open.... you just been shitted on.
- Benny Drama Lava

Sunday, February 15

Things heterosexual men don't text other heterosexual men

so i was having a lovely evening with B.A Tim and the Boop at Ucellos last night.... pause, and i get these texts from Scotty B.... the gayest

Caltavious: i wish u wwre here to dance wirh mwe ... not gay
Benny Lava: Very gay
Caltavious: i love you but not gay brothetr from a anotjer mather

usually when i'm the drunkest... i'm tryin to text or call a female... not my bfff

anything you text me will be used against you cause i'm a hater

- Benny Drama Lava

he didn't beat her, she just got in the way

as discussed and the not men lunch table... girl just got in the way of the boogie. sometimes when i krump out i accidently punch a bitch in the head.. we've all seen it happen

- Benny Drama Lava

Weird Ass Dream

so being that i just woke up and its noon; the first time i've slept til noon in months, i thought i'd share a messed up dream i had last night.

it all started with me and the family watching America's Most Wanted. they were doing a profile on my old boss Tom which seems completely normal in my dream. anyway, they were filming a stretch of highway with a little cross in the median which i later learned Tom's wife died at. while filming there.... Tom shows up. it seems like he was sitting and crying at the cross before he hi-jacked a car and tryed to take off. instantly swarmed by cops but it looked like he was going to get away.... until a van hit his car.

this is where it gets nuts. some how i end up in a car, with tom, as he was fleeing to Canada. dude is all over the highway trying to get us to Canada. tell me how his wife died and that she cheated on him with his brother Pat before she died. also tells me if it was the state tropper's chasing us, they shoot us in the head with shotguns.

anyway, we end up at this tiny little motel/strip club in Canada called the something plazza.... i can't read in my dreams. there are a bunch of old people and some dime peice strippers.... also my current boss from my new job was there.... not sure if she was a stripper though. Tom told me we could get our dicks sucked off for a dollar here, i asked him if that was canadian or american money, he said canadian i said damnit. i then took a piss for what seemed like 3 hours and there was a shower running in the the public bathroom.

throughout the dream Tom had a taxi driver esche mohawk

steve the goalie

- Benny Drama Lava

Saturday, February 14

Goin in

its been a while since i've gotten on some good new shit. i have fallen off but thanks to the likes of pete rosenberg, cipha sounds and the internets, i bring to you some of my current favorites

Jay has always been hot to me (no homo). he has put out some of the most memorable records and worked with every ill producer out there; from kanye and pharell to diddy, timbo, blaze, dre and the best producer to ever bless the boards: primo. though kingdom come and a few of his other most recent things were a bit on the weak side he still goes hard.... even for a camel faced 40 year old (always a hater). just got that stone cold swag. remember when 50 was talkin all types of crazy shit about how his album was gonna shit on kanye's? jay just comes out on BET and tells him to "bet a million". no one likes 50 or BET though

some more youtube new shit, cause i don't know how to put audio on this shit

another ill primo produced record (there will be a primo post in the furture, fear not).

WALE!!!!!!! been on his shit since young joe tett told me bout that 100 miles and runnin a couple summers back. and yes, i did introduce royal to him at durango's ravines crip many ages ago but he slept on him for a quick minute. its all good though, the man is all bout WALE!!!!! now. and brother ali more than held his own on this one, hot fire a rum pum pum

bang! thats all you get for now

the kid might be back... why am i wathcin old people fuck on tv?

- Benny Drama Lava

Monday, February 2

Losing in 09

the boy Yev is losing in 09

shits not been goin my way since past new years

first the girl breaks up with me. ya i knew it was gonna dissolve eventually but on a straight up no homo level, it was nice having that someone snuggle with and be there and shit like that and she was a pretty cool chick. also bangin it out with someone you actually have some feelings for is kinda nice. all in all i'm sure it ain't no thang but it is indeed lame as fuck being a single dude tryin to find a girl.... but there are those hood rat skeezers out there that need me, i'll stay single for them.

failed attempt at myspace foto

little while later i'm just drivin down the block like what else should a brotha do, stop at the light, hit the gas, hit a truck. my dumbass had thought the car in front of me had turned but i was clearly mistaken. $90 citation, $1736 in damage, the car is insured, i'm not on the insurence policy.... losing

angle 1

angle 2

the next day i'm havin lunch with the homies. i get up to stand in the unholy long as line to get overpriced campus food when i see my boy mike from calc class. dude is hustlin meal plans and offers me a free shirt. i take it cause its free and return to the table. not a minute later shirt is broken. sean hulked his way out of it.

broken ass sweet shirt

following lunch i had a meeting with my advisory, trying to figure out if i'm done with that son of a bitch college. she was no help, almost had me thinking i had another semester of college after this once but she didn't know what she was talking about. unfortunently my grades will not be getting me into med school at Johns Hopkins. the Yev is not motivated

went into work and realised how replaceable i was at the grown man job. they had us moving desks and i'm in the area with all the other "part timers". don't even have my own desk anymore... losing. and to compound that shit the following day at my bullshit job, they hand me the 5 years of dedicated service award. the store director, assistant store director and my manijer all called me over to present it to me, instead of saying "thanks" all i could say was "this is extremly depressing". something to commemorate how long i've been working at this slacker ass grocery store meat clerk ass job. the boy Dixon has stated on many occasions that retail is the worst, i disagree. least i got a sweet key chain out of it

congrats, you're a loser

and the latest ish, i broke my phone again after a long night of getting faded with Dixon, Danger, Dave and not bitch ass Tim.

slowly slipping into depression

- Benny Drama Lava